Bentworth v Bishops Waltham III – June 16th at Bentworth

Bishops Waltham won the toss and batted. Ken was miserly and stingy from the road end and bowled well too. It was a different game from the other end but overall we felt that things were under reasonable control. There was a bit of rain around but we managed to get through the match without interruption.

We took 6 catches -more later on this (and just one bowled by the Doc}, one particularly brilliant effort from the slip in the skips, err umm skip in the slips. I seem to remember a couple of catches going to ground but don’t fear, the writer won’t name any names-he might have done if he could have remembered who the culprits were.

So we took 7 wickets including another great catch from Mr Mackerel (sorry but I never know if you’re young, old or new Ben) dismissing their gun batsman for 30 -uh uh?

Ken 14 for 3 from 8 overs- another fabulous spell on a fairly good wicket although 1 or 2 popped and another 1 or 2 went underground. Kens line was merciless on or just outside the off stump in the corridor of nervousness and at a length of indecisiveness.

Rich with 22 for 1 performed but with only 2 or 3 stray full tosses turning his figures from very good to good. Everyone bowled with heart and gusto and we fielded pretty well so how on earth did they get 212 runs? BB Jennings 100 not out, Mr Bradley and Mr Extras got 34 each!!!! (34 EXTRAS!!!)

Well, reason being- Mr B.B.Jennings was given not out by the fair and ethical very same Right Dishonourable B.B. Jennings – yes himself- who in the best W.G.Grace tradition of self umpiring and bullying of on field umpires overturned the decision himself-yes himself and just carried on. Of course he hit a 4 next ball and reached 100 not out, of course he would.

So the book says 212/6 and not the more likely 150 all out-sour grapes!!!

Anyway, so what! We could deal with that and it looked good with a blistering 45 from our new opening skipper slipper and a handy 5th wicket stand of 44 and at 128 for 4 we were well set but somehow we lost 6 wickets for 36 runs and all out for 164 ( 8 CLEAN BOWLED-well mostly clean).

Rich with 32 and newly named “Flash” with 39.

Oh well hey ho let it go-Skip the slip should continue as opener methinks, strangely it was the best player attended booze up afterward at the Sun and the name B.B Jennings is now synomynous with cricket malpractice and umpire tampering in the local pub chat and gossip.