Bentworth vs Easton & Martyr III

The final act of the 2018 season was carried on Saturday and so it only seams fitting that the captain of the Bentworth ship files the final log of the season(although at time of writing a couple of logs are still outstand, not want to name names. This person did experience a double teapot for the first on Saturday.) The opposition for this final encounter was Easton & Martha worthy 3s , who the previous week had bowled Oakmount out for 24 a result a few of the Bentworth crew had a smile about.

Overnight rain had meant the pitch was a little damp and with a mass of seam bowlers in the skippers armoury it felt like an important toss to win, which has been a rare thing this season. Maybe a lesson from stand in skipper Ben is required! However, the opposition captain called incorrectly and without hesitation your author said “We will have a bowl please.” To which the reply came back “I thought you would say that.” On returning to the changing room feeling positive, it became apparent that 2018 has been a long season for some. Various ailments were being mentioned and also the changing room smelt more like a rugby one than cricket, with the aroma of deep heat.

So for the last time of 2018, 11 fine men took to the field for Bentworth. The ever reliable Kenny opened the bowling and like every Saturday previous, beat the bat, didn’t concede many runs and was unlucky not to take a wicket. At the other end Camel came charging in. Bowling with good pace and some unplayable deliveries which according to the good doctor were like “fast leg brakes”. Camel was rewarded for his fine bowling by picking up our first wicket. Camel was followed by the returning good doctor and although he had been away for a month. Was straight into a good line and length . However the Easton batsmen were showing all their experience. Rotating the strike and putting the rare bad balls away. Kenny was replaced by the younger Thomas model . Who came charging in, almost like he had a point to prove. This might have been due to a comment made by Dave last week. Claiming to be a better bowler as he took a wicket! Unfortunately, this desire to prove Dave wrong failed to produce a wicket. However, Sam bowled with good pace and control and was unlucky to go wicketless. In search for a wicket, your author turned to those well know spin twins Hill and Yorke. The younger of the twins, Mr Hill. Informed me that he had been getting some one on one coaching in the office mid week about bowling some mystery deliveries. Which I am told were going well until the tennis ball was accidentally let go of in the office. However, this extra mid week practice did not prove fruitful, I am sorry to report. At the end Mr. Yorke gave the bowl plenty of flight. To which the number 3 batsmen in turn flighted a couple of balls back over the bowlers head and into the field. This brought up the batsmen 50 and credit where it’s due, your author feels it was one of the best innings of the season against us, especially considering our attack and conditions. Your author decided to see if he could get a wicket and failed so brought Camel back on who picked up two more wickets to end up with a well deserved 3/30. Then readers came a moment that had to see to be believed. Your captain uttered the words “Jez next over please.” Jezza marked his run up and first ball had the batsmen in all sorts of trouble. People start to question my captaincy wondering why I had waited until our last over of the year to bowl Jezza. However, that questioning was put to bed next ball as it was despatched into the field. Easton finished on a very competitive 187/3 and with the wicket drying out and starting to turn. It was going to require a good batting performance. Especially considering what the Easton bowlers had done the previous week.

After yet another excellent tea from Daisy and the staff at The Sun. The good doctor and Mr. Yorke set about setting a solid foundation. They were faced by some very tight opening bowlers, who gave very little away. Mr.Yorke was first to go, trying to force the pace a little and was caught at mid off to a good diving forward catch. This brought the inform Flash to the wicket, who required 36 runs to overtake Ben S as top run scorer. Flash started with a couple of lusty blows, but fell short and was out for 9. Then entered Steve, who earlier in the game whilst fielding experienced a double teapot for the first time. Wanting to make amends for this set about batting with a steely determination. The good doctor and Steve moved the score onto 63 before the doctor was caught for 32. Then our head of recruitment Dave marched to the crease and came marching back again for a duck after a very good stumping. Steve was next to go, another one of our batsmen caught trying to force the pace for 25. At this point the run rate was starting to climb to around 8 an over. However, with the chairman and the Sam putting a partnership of 53 together. We felt we had a chance. However, the wicket was becoming harder to bat on and the loss of a wicket would mean any incoming batsmen would struggle to keep up with the rate. Unfortunately , that is what happened. Chairman was out 30 and with that the run started to climb at get to 10’s. Jezza was next man to go 6. Which brought Kenny out to bat with son Sam and they batted the rest of the overs out with Bentworth finishing on 153.

So although the season ended with a defeat. A 5th place finish in the league added to a continued pool of players to pick from. I believe we can call this season a good one. My thanks go to everyone who played this year, Daisy and her staff at The Sun, the committee members Rich, Kenny and Angie. However, a big thank you has to go to Pete and Max, without whom we would not playing as it their hard work on the ground and wicket enables to play every Saturday. Until next year, this is your captain signing off.